Dance Satellite Day

        Conflicts in the dance realm

A dance satellite to the Movement and Cognition conference

Jerusalem, July 25th 2019

Dear colleagues – dance researchers, choreographers, dance educators, dancers, philosophers of dance,

We are honored to invite you to take part in the Dance satellite of the “Brain and Cognition conference”. The Dance satellite will take place in Jerusalem, July 25th2019 and will be centered around the topic of conflicts in the dance realm. Subjects such as structured dance vs. real time improvisation; cognitive vs. intuitive choreography; learning dance via notation vs. learning through imitation; dance as a meeting point between different cultures; dance techniques as building the dancers capabilities vs. limiting the freedom of movement; rehearsing dance vs. performance; the inner conflicts of the dancer; daily movements vs. designed movements in dance, etc. will be discussed

We welcome several types of oral presentations (20 minutes duration, in English):

  • Research presentation
  • Conceptual presentation
  • Demonstrative lecture

We invite you to submit a 1-page (250 words) abstract, including a short bio (40 words) indicating your interest in participating in the “Dance satellite day”.

(Note that the oral presentations at the Dance satellite day may be in addition to (and independent of a presentation at the Movement 2019 conference).

Please indicate which of the above presentation types you choose, including the technical requirements for your lecture (such as a studio).

Abstracts should be submitted by 30 April  2019 to  [email protected]

The Dance satellite day will take place at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, on Thursday July 25th, 10.00 – 15.00. In addition to the lectures, the conference will include two movement workshops (60 min. each), as well as short dance performances.

Participants of the Movement and Cognition conference are invited to this satellite day (no extra fee is required) and transportation from Tel Aviv to the Jerusalem Music and Dance Academy will be provided for free by the Movement and Cognition conference office.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Vered Aviv and Dr. Sari Elron

On behalf of the Dance satellite day committee

For further information: [email protected]



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